November 7-11 Lesson Plans


*This week students do not have a reading log. They will get a new one on Thursday, November 10 that will be due November 17.

  • Guided Reading:
    • Students will continue to practice writing plot summaries with in their guided reading groups.
    • As a class, we will work read, annotate and analyze a passage of fiction to model how to apply what we have learned about fiction in a multiple choice testing environment.
  • Test:
    • Thursday and Friday, students will have a summative test over fiction.┬áStudents’ work in guided reading groups, in class, and on reading logs have prepared them for the test. However, if you they would like to study they can review notes in our reading composition book over point of view, figurative language, inferences, theme, plot, character roles and traits, tone and mood and summary.


  • Rough draft
    • Students will have a solid rough draft of their narrative by Tuesday and will spend the week working through their lessons and deliverables.
  • Final draft.
    • Students will have a final draft by Friday so they can start creating their product for their intended audience next week.