November Lesson Plans

Now that NaNoWriMo is in full swing, here is what your child will be doing this month in English. Students will be able to work through each step at their own pace, and the must be completed by listed to ensure no one falls behind.

If you haven’t talked to your child about their novel yet, ask them about it. They are developing some very interesting plots, and I have loved reading what they have so far!

Complete each task to advance to the next level. Privilege Date to complete level
Level 1

  • Complete “Writer’s Eye”
  • Complete “Creating awesome Characters” pages 11-15 and write character bio on draft page
  • Set word count goal
  • Complete “Creating Conflict” pages 16-19 and write a conflict scene on draft page
  • Sign up for NaNoWriMo class using google classroom instructions
November 3
Level 2

  • Read and Complete “Outlining Your Plot” pages 20-30 flocab
  • Read and complete “Setting” pages 31-38 flocab
  • Complete “Story Map” p. 6.5
  • Read and Complete “Writing Really Good Dialogue” Pages 39-56 flocab
  • Write ¼ of word count goal
Choose seat. November 8
Level 3

  • Read and complete “Back to the Beginning” pages 56-59
  • Read and complete “Details, Details, Details” pages 60-70 Flocab
  • Read and complete “Character Interviews” pages 74-80
  • Write ½ of word count goal
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

November 15
Level 4

  • Read and complete “List, list, list” pages 81-84
  • Read and complete “Sub Plotting” pages 72-73
  • Write ¾ of word count goal
  • Create a Book Cover
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

Bring snack.

November 28
Level 5

  • Reached word count goal!
  • Create a video for Author Bio
  • Trade novels and complete each other’s pages 86-90
  • Create book trailer
  • Create book illustrations
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

Bring snack and drink.

November 30


Wondering how things will be graded this month?

Daily Grades:

As you complete each task on the list, it will be a daily grade.

You will apply the skills, ideas generated and words written to your working novel.


Test Grade:

At the end of November, you will get a test grade for your novel.

How will it be graded?

Your progress toward your word count goal will be part of the test grade. A minimum word count for a passing test grade is 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count goal.

Your novel must demonstrate that you have included all of the skills we will work through this month.

Skills to be identified in your novel:

  • Character development
  • Conflict and plot
  • Relevant setting
  • Sensory details
  • Dialogue that develops the story
  • Introduction Strategy
  • Conclusion Strategy


Lost your Workbook? Use this link to access it.

Young Novelist Workbook

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