January 16-19


  • Students will complete typing.com Beginner Review 1.
  • Students will complete and discuss a pre-reading activity to the novel “I Will Always Write Back.”
  • We will read aloud pages 1-23.


  • Students will complete typing.com T, S, and L keys.
  • We will read aloud pages 31-48.
  • Students will complete exit ticket short response to “Describe Martin’s day to day life. In what ways is it similar or different to Caitlin’s?”


  • Students will complete typing.com O, B, and A keys.
  • We will read aloud pages 49-64.
  • We will discuss the previous day’s exit ticket responses.
  • Students will get vocabualry list and practice.


  • Students will complete typing.com V, H, and M keys.
  • We will read pages 65-80.
  • Students will complete vocabulary practice.

January 8-12 Lesson Plans


  • Students will complete “Excerpt Revisions and Edits” and turn in to Google Classroom


  • Students will complete “NaNoWriMo Showcase Slides,” and get it approved by Mrs. Kelley


  • The whole class will rehearse for NaNoWriMo showcase.


  • Students will polish or make any last minute improvements to the showcase.


  • NaNoWriMo Showcase in the library. Parents are invited!

NaNoWriMo Showcase, January 12

You are invited to the NaNoWriMo Showcase!

Who: Parents, guardians, grandparents, etc.

What: Students will showcase a selection of their work from our novel project.

When: Friday, January 12 during your child’s English class period

                 (Check the chart below for time.)

Where: Middle School Think Lab, Library


Period 1 7:55 – 8:40
Period 2 8:44 – 9:29
Period 3 9:33 – 10:18
Period 4 11:31 – 12:16
Period 6 1:09 – 1:54
Period 7 1:58 – 2:43

Hope to see you there!