January 9-13 Lesson Plans


  • Monday
    • We will take notes on text structure of nonfiction.
  • Tuesday
    • Students will independently on “Author’s Purpose Practice.”
  • Wednesday
    • As a class students will practice identifying¬†text structure of a variety of text.
  • Thursday
    • Students will work independently on “Text Structure Practice.”
  • Friday
    • We will take notes over identifying topic and central idea of nonfiction text.


  • This week I will conduct small group writing workshops based on students’ current ability to write a well developed paragraphs.
    • Workshops that will be provided include:
      • Writing strong topic sentences that respond accurately to the writing prompt.
      • Using text evidence, quotations, and relevant examples to create strong writing that proves topic sentence.
      • Writing meaningful concluding sentences that reiterate topic sentences.
  • Students will compose¬†a paragraph response to a W.A.R. prompt, complete workshops as necessary, submit writing to PEG writing, and revise and edit to create a final draft.
  • We will continue to read from out interactive read aloud, “I Am Malala.”