March 6-10 Lesson Plans


  • Monday
    • Students will continue to analyze the debate article, “You Won’t Find Her on Spotify.”
    • They will determine supporting details for both sides of the debate.
    • They will complete “Central Idea and Details” practice and 6 multiple choice questions.
  • Tuesday
    • Students will participate in Read Across America by having a guest reader today in class!
      • first period:  Mr. Lucas Maxwell’s class Surrey, UK (via Skype)
      • third period:  Mr. Gilbert
      • sixth period:  Cindy Coones
    • Students will self-check their article analysis using an Edmodo quiz.
    • I will go over any missed questions using the quiz results.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
    • Students will take a persuasive text tests.


  • Students will write an Argument Essay over the debate of their choice.
    • First, they will read the debate.
    • They will develop their argument using the “Write an Argument Essay” outline.
    • Then they will write a rough draft.
    • Last, they will publish the work to peg to revise.