November Lesson Plans: It’s National Novel Writing Month!

NaNoWriMo Workbook Link

November Lesson Plans Link

Did you know it is National Novel Writing Month? The entire month of November will be devoted to novel writing, and we will use the NaNoWriMo workbook to generate ideas, establish focus, and develop writing skills. Students will be given a workbook, and the due dates for each section are listed on the lesson plan calendar. If a student loses their workbook, they will be responsible for accessing the extra copy via the link. They can either print it or complete the task on notebook paper using the digital copy as a guide.

As students work through the strategies designed to help them create a novel, students will then spend the majority of class time writing their novels. Depending on how the editing and revision process goes, we will have a showcase at the end of December or early January inviting parents to see and hear their creations!

How to Get the Most from My Blog and August Lesson Plans

In an effort to make my lesson plan blogs more meaningful for students and parents, this year I am trying something new.

Each month I will post the link to my actual lesson plan calendar that I use. It will include:

  • Assignments
  • Due dates
  • Quiz and test dates
  • Hyperlinks to document and videos
    • When you see a blue underlined phrase, it can be clicked and opened. This means it can be viewed or printed at home in the event that a student misplaces a paper or student has been absent
  • TBA means that some dates have not been set yet, and I will set them and update the calendar as soon as I can.

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