Addison McClanahan: Our First Guest Blogger!

Congratulations to Addison McClanahan for being our very first Guest Blogger!

On the evening of October 17, YouTube unexpectedly went down, completing disrupting life for many of our middle schoolers. We used this “tragic” event as a writing prompt, and it generated some great pieces. Be sure to read Addison’s heartfelt cry to YouTube posted below.

Don’t Leave Me YouTube

By: Addison McClanahan


Oh youtube, how you please my needs of watching funny dog videos,

How you always lift my soul,

                         Don’t leave me youtube.

Oh youtube, you always let me watch good music videos,  

Oh, how you let me watch what I need on DIY hacks,

                         Don’t leave me youtube.

Oh, please youtube, I love how organized you are from your recommendations to Cole and Sav videos,  

I love you youtube.

                          Don’t leave me youtube.