October 2-6 Lesson Plans


  • Cursive X
  • Students will learn how to combine two simple sentences and practice.


  • Cursive Y
  • Students will get their final drafts of RACE 1 back and make needed corrections for resubmission on google classroom.


  • Cursive Z
  • We will read the Scope Article, “They Failed. (And So Can You.)”
    • Students will work through the writing process this week to construct  a response to the question, “Why should we be willing to fail?” This will be referred to as RACE 2


  • Consonant Combinations “bl, fl, and gl”
  • Students will start constructing a response to “They Failed” by completing their RACE 2 graphic organizer.


  • Consonant Combinations “br, cr, and dr”
  • Students will create a rough draft to their “They Failed” response paragraph. This will be called RACE 2 Rough Draft.