Town Hall Meeting, Active Shooter Response Training

Active Shooter Response Training

The Board of Trustees at White Oak ISD invites the community of White Oak to Active Shooter Response Training. The event will take place in the CC Simmons Auditorium on Sunday, March 11, 2018. The event will begin at 2:30 pm and end by 4:30 pm including a Q&A time at the end of the presentation.

The trainer will be Mark Seguin, TBG Solutions Inc. Tyler Texas. He recently provided training to all employees at White Oak ISD and we feel his message and insight will be beneficial to everyone in White Oak.

There will be an updated report by the district on the security measures in place at WOISD and our commitment to providing a safe learning environment for our students, faculty and staff.

On behalf of the District, I hope to see you next Sunday.

Michael Gilbert

White Oak Schools

February 19-23 Lesson Plans

Monday: President Day Holiday


  • Students will take notes over how to write a body paragraph that includes a topic sentence, transition, example, and elaboration.
  • Students will have time to work on the body paragraphs of their essay.


  • Students will have class time to finish writing the body paragraphs of their essay. If paragraphs 2 and 3 are not complete by the end of the class, it is homework due before class the next day.
  • We will read from “I Will Always Write Back.”


  • Students will take notes over how to write a conclusion and have time in class to write the concluding paragraph of their essay. If it is not completed in class, it is homework due before class the next day.


  • Students will complete vocabulary study 4 from “I Will Always Write Back” using Quizlet, and the book.

February 5-9


  • Vocabulary study 3 work time
  • Read from “I Will Always Write Back”


  • Work time on Vocabulary study 3
  • Notes over Expository Essay and example of Expository essay
  • Read from “I Will Always Write Back”


  • Complete Expository Essay Planning Sheet
  • Read from “I Will Always Write Back”


  • Turn in Vocabulary Study 3
  • Take Vocabulary 3 Quiz
  • Read from “I Will Always Write Back”


  • Analyze example Expository Essay to identify thesis statements
  • Read from “I Will Always Write Back”

January 8-12 Lesson Plans


  • Students will complete “Excerpt Revisions and Edits” and turn in to Google Classroom


  • Students will complete “NaNoWriMo Showcase Slides,” and get it approved by Mrs. Kelley


  • The whole class will rehearse for NaNoWriMo showcase.


  • Students will polish or make any last minute improvements to the showcase.


  • NaNoWriMo Showcase in the library. Parents are invited!

NaNoWriMo Showcase, January 12

You are invited to the NaNoWriMo Showcase!

Who: Parents, guardians, grandparents, etc.

What: Students will showcase a selection of their work from our novel project.

When: Friday, January 12 during your child’s English class period

                 (Check the chart below for time.)

Where: Middle School Think Lab, Library


Period 1 7:55 – 8:40
Period 2 8:44 – 9:29
Period 3 9:33 – 10:18
Period 4 11:31 – 12:16
Period 6 1:09 – 1:54
Period 7 1:58 – 2:43

Hope to see you there!

December 4-8 Lesson Plans

This week students will start editing and revising their novel using the NaNoWriMo workbook.


  • Students will complete pages 86-89 in their NaNoWriMo workbook.
    • This means they will switch novels with another student an offer feedback.


  • Students will “Unleash Their Inner Editor” using pages 90-94 in their workbook.


  • Students will use pages 96-98 to start “Cleaning It Up.”


  • Students will use pages 99 and 100 to choose an “Exceptional Excerpt.”

*Any student that has not written 1,000 words, the minimum goal, I will work in a small group until they have written 1,000 words.

October 9-13 Lesson Plans


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “sk, sp, sq”
  • We will read the Scope Article, “They Failed. (And So Can You.)”
  • Students will work through the writing process this week to construct a response to the question, “Why should we be willing to fail?” This will be referred to as RACE 2


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “ch, sh, wh”
  • Students will start constructing a response to “They Failed” by completing their RACE 2 graphic organizer.


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “kn, mb, wr”
  • Students will create a rough draft to their “They Failed” response paragraph. This will be called RACE 2 Rough Draft.


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “lt, ft, sl,”
  • Students will work through writing stations to peer edit their rough draft.


  • Students will polish and submit their final draft of RACE 2

Some students may master and work through this writing process faster. Those students will create their own “Famous Fails” slideshows about people in their own lives: parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, or friends.

Students who have not mastered the RACE paragraph writing skills will work as a small group through the standard based writing stations with me.