December 4-8 Lesson Plans

This week students will start editing and revising their novel using the NaNoWriMo workbook.


  • Students will complete pages 86-89 in their NaNoWriMo workbook.
    • This means they will switch novels with another student an offer feedback.


  • Students will “Unleash Their Inner Editor” using pages 90-94 in their workbook.


  • Students will use pages 96-98 to start “Cleaning It Up.”


  • Students will use pages 99 and 100 to choose an “Exceptional Excerpt.”

*Any student that has not written 1,000 words, the minimum goal, I will work in a small group until they have written 1,000 words.

November Lesson Plans

Now that NaNoWriMo is in full swing, here is what your child will be doing this month in English. Students will be able to work through each step at their own pace, and the must be completed by listed to ensure no one falls behind.

If you haven’t talked to your child about their novel yet, ask them about it. They are developing some very interesting plots, and I have loved reading what they have so far!

Complete each task to advance to the next level. Privilege Date to complete level
Level 1

  • Complete “Writer’s Eye”
  • Complete “Creating awesome Characters” pages 11-15 and write character bio on draft page
  • Set word count goal
  • Complete “Creating Conflict” pages 16-19 and write a conflict scene on draft page
  • Sign up for NaNoWriMo class using google classroom instructions
November 3
Level 2

  • Read and Complete “Outlining Your Plot” pages 20-30 flocab
  • Read and complete “Setting” pages 31-38 flocab
  • Complete “Story Map” p. 6.5
  • Read and Complete “Writing Really Good Dialogue” Pages 39-56 flocab
  • Write ¼ of word count goal
Choose seat. November 8
Level 3

  • Read and complete “Back to the Beginning” pages 56-59
  • Read and complete “Details, Details, Details” pages 60-70 Flocab
  • Read and complete “Character Interviews” pages 74-80
  • Write ½ of word count goal
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

November 15
Level 4

  • Read and complete “List, list, list” pages 81-84
  • Read and complete “Sub Plotting” pages 72-73
  • Write ¾ of word count goal
  • Create a Book Cover
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

Bring snack.

November 28
Level 5

  • Reached word count goal!
  • Create a video for Author Bio
  • Trade novels and complete each other’s pages 86-90
  • Create book trailer
  • Create book illustrations
Choose seat.

Listen to music.

Bring snack and drink.

November 30


Wondering how things will be graded this month?

Daily Grades:

As you complete each task on the list, it will be a daily grade.

You will apply the skills, ideas generated and words written to your working novel.


Test Grade:

At the end of November, you will get a test grade for your novel.

How will it be graded?

Your progress toward your word count goal will be part of the test grade. A minimum word count for a passing test grade is 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count goal.

Your novel must demonstrate that you have included all of the skills we will work through this month.

Skills to be identified in your novel:

  • Character development
  • Conflict and plot
  • Relevant setting
  • Sensory details
  • Dialogue that develops the story
  • Introduction Strategy
  • Conclusion Strategy


Lost your Workbook? Use this link to access it.

Young Novelist Workbook

October 30-November 3

This week students learning that they will be participating in National Novel Writing Month. Throughout the month of November, I will take them step by step through the steps needed to create their very own novel!


  • Entry launch with Mrs. Cooper
  • Students get introduced to the project and get their Young Novelist Workbook, YNW


  • Students will brainstorm ideas for their novel using the Writer’s Eye technique in their YNW.


  • Students will Skype with Author, Alexandar London.


  • Students will create a word count goal.
  • Students will complete Writer’s Eye brainstorming activity.
  • Students will silence the “Evil Inner Editor.”


  • Students will learn how to create awesome characters by using and completing pages 11-15 in their YWN.

October 23-27 Lesson Plans


  • Cursive Sentence Bellringer
    • Lesson j, f and space
  • Students will have time to respond to pen pal via e-mail.


  • Cursive Sentence Bellringer
    • Lesson u, r, k
  • Students will complete “Independent and Dependent Clause” notes in their composition book.


  • Cursive Sentence Bellringer
    • Lesson d, e, i
  • Students will complete guided practice on identifying and creating independent and dependent clauses.


  • Cursive Sentence Bellringer
    • lesson c, g, n
  • Students will watch Flocabulary Video and complete Read and Respond over Complex Sentences.


  • Cursive Sentence Bellringer
    • Review week one of beginning typer lessons
  • Students will complete Flocabulary quiz over Complex Sentences.

October 16-19 Lesson Plans


  • Cursive vowel combinations
  • Some students will complete “Famous Fails” Slideshow while others workshop thier RACE 2 paragraph.


  • Cursive vowel combinations
  • Students will share their “Famous Fails” Slideshow and RACE 2 paragraphs.


  • Cursive months
  • Students will share “Famous Fails” Slideshow and RACE 2 paragraphs


  • Cursive months
  • Students will complete “Dependent Clause and Independent Clause” Notes on Google Classroom


  • Teacher workday, so we can plan awesome lessons for awesome kids!


October 9-13 Lesson Plans


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “sk, sp, sq”
  • We will read the Scope Article, “They Failed. (And So Can You.)”
  • Students will work through the writing process this week to construct a response to the question, “Why should we be willing to fail?” This will be referred to as RACE 2


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “ch, sh, wh”
  • Students will start constructing a response to “They Failed” by completing their RACE 2 graphic organizer.


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “kn, mb, wr”
  • Students will create a rough draft to their “They Failed” response paragraph. This will be called RACE 2 Rough Draft.


  • Cursive Consonant Combinations “lt, ft, sl,”
  • Students will work through writing stations to peer edit their rough draft.


  • Students will polish and submit their final draft of RACE 2

Some students may master and work through this writing process faster. Those students will create their own “Famous Fails” slideshows about people in their own lives: parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, or friends.

Students who have not mastered the RACE paragraph writing skills will work as a small group through the standard based writing stations with me.

Correcting RACE Paragraph Test Grade

Dear Parents,

This week your children submitted their final copy of their RACE 1 paragraph to Google Classroom. This is their first English test grade that is worth 50% of their grade.  They have been graded in Google Classroom and “returned” digitally. I have not entered the grades into Skyward yet because ALL students will make corrections to their draft on Monday during class and/or after school. I will hand out a checklist in class Monday and go over how to correct their draft. The checklist will be due Wednesday, October 4th and their updated draft must be re-submitted to Google Classroom. If a student made a 100, they most likely still have something on their document they can correct and will receive a pass for making the corrections. If a student made any grade other than 100, I will re-grade their paragraph and give them the updated, higher grade as their test grade in Skyward.

If all the google classroom talk sounds like Greek to you, your child can explain it to you. 🙂

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Mrs. Kelley