RACE Paragraph, Melody’s POV Grade Explanation


You may be concerned to see a “0” in the grade book for “RACE Paragraph, Melody’s POV.” Do not be alarmed! I am waiting on corrections in Googe Classroom before I post the grade on Skyward.

Your child has a grade for this assignment in Google Classroom, they can show it to you. Yesterday, we went over their grades, how it was scored and how to make a 100. Today I gave them instructions in class and on Google Classroom for how to correct this if they want to improve their grade. ALL kids have this option! If a student failed, they can get up to a 100 on their corrections. If a child made a 99, they can get up to a 100 with the corrections. These corrections must be resubmitted by Wednesday.

Since this is a heavily weighted assignment this 9 weeks, I strongly encourage students to make the corrections a priority. I will put the corrected grade in Skyward no later than Thursday!

Thank you,

Chesley Kelley

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